We offer a 15 Year Limited Residential Warranty on all of our floors. You can learn below more about our warranty terms and conditions.

International Epoxy Works warranties cover delamination/peeling and product breakdown. International Epoxy Works warranty also covers cracks in the epoxy surface, blistering from the existing surface and wearing through to the existing surface. International Epoxy Works warranty covers all color fading and ambering with all our Metallics and Solids epoxies except white. White Epoxy is more prone to ambering overtime, especially when not top coated with a Urethane Topcoat.

International Epoxy Works warranty does not cover scratches, burns, tool-damage, damage caused by customer driving/walking/using the surface to soon after application or blunt-force damage from dropping any heavy object on the covered surface (e.g., chips or other damage on floors or countertops or countertop edges, etc.). International Epoxy Works also doesn’t warranty natural color breakdown in white epoxy from UV exposure over time. International Epoxy Works warranties do not apply to applications and installations in medium or heavy manufacturing or industrial facilities or environments. International Epoxy Works warranties do not cover damage caused by above average or extreme heat (e.g., hot pans, baking sheets, etc.). International Epoxy Works Warranties are void if any other party makes any modification or repair.

International Epoxy Works warranties do not cover defects caused by pets (e.g., paw prints, hair, etc.) or other environmental factors (e.g., debris, dust, insects, children, etc.). When coating a concrete substrate, International Epoxy Works warranties do not cover bubbles, which are common to and routinely occur during most installation processes due to substrate outgassing or off gassing.  (Note: When moisture emissions equal or exceed 3 lbs. of pressure, International Epoxy Works recommends installing a moisture vapor barrier prior to installing a WB Primer). The warranty also does not cover cracking that can occur from the concrete substrate moving over time, as concrete substrates frequently shift, especially during the transition of seasons known as freeze-thaw cycles. These cracks, although not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, should not compromise the coating’s integrity and strength.

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