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Welcome to International Epoxy Works

Mike and Patrick have an extensive background in specialty fields. Mike has a background in power lines and Patrick has a background in mechanics. After spending years on the road and away from their families they decided to partner in business and take their work habit and attention to detail and apply it to the coatings industry in order to have something of their own.

They are excited to bring this incredible system to their community and state, helping revolutionize floors while building something in order to be able to invest in and enjoy their own families, long term.

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Epoxy Floors for commercial and Residential use

Epoxy flooring is growing in popularity throughout as more homeowners and business owners realize the benefits it can offer. Epoxy is applied to existing concrete as a liquid for almost endless possibilities. Once it cures, it creates a hard plastic coating that bonds with the concrete. Epoxy flooring offers unparalleled durability, strength, and beauty.

Say goodbye to stained, dusty, ugly concrete for good. Your new epoxy floor doesn’t just look great; it also resists damage from chemicals, oil and gas spills, abrasions, foot and vehicle traffic, water, and much more.

Some of our Flooring Finishes

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Go from bland to stunning with epoxy flake flooring. We create unique multi-colored epoxy flooring in with your choice of color flakes to accent your home or business design. This type of flooring is popular in basements, medical facilities, garages and schools, with a unique effect that’s far from boring.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy doesnt need to be a single color. With the addition of metallic powder pigments, we can create stunning 3d floor coatings for your business, garage or home. When done professionally, your floor can look like poured liquid, marble, granite, stone or even water.

Decorative Concrete

Epoxy doesn’t need to be a single color. With the addition of metallic powder pigments, we can create a gorgeous metallic epoxy floor coating for your business, garage, or home. Metallic epoxy floors must be seen to be believed. When done professionally, your floor can look just like poured liquid metal, granite, marble or even the ocean.

Custom Epoxy Countertops

At IEW, we specialize in providing top-notch custom epoxy countertop installation services in. If you're looking to revitalize your kitchen, bathroom or commercial countertops with a unique and stunning finish, our hand-crafted epoxy countertops are the perfect solution.
The best part? Our installation process allows us to apply epoxy directly over your existing countertop surface, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming replacements.

Whether you prefer a vibrant and colorful design or a subtle and sophisticated pattern, we can create a custom epoxy countertop that reflects your style and personality. The possibilities are endless, from mesmerizing metallic swirls to captivating abstract designs.

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